Comic Pull File

As a fellow collector and avid reader, I know how much of a bummer it can be to get to your shop to find they have sold out of a popular title before you get your copy. Here at Comics2Games we have Northern Kentucky’s only comic pull service for all of our customers.. It’s Free, no hidden costs and we will make sure you never miss another book again.

It’s Simple:

Sign up for the comics you want us to set aside for you ( a minimum of 5 ongoing monthly titles) and we will have them here when you arrive in your very own file. In addition you will receive the following:

Save 15% OFF instantly all Regular Priced New Releases Comics, Variant Comics, & Back Issue Comics you put in your file
Save 20% OFF instantly all Regular Priced Graphic Novels & HC Books
Save 15% OFF instantly all Regular Priced Statues & Busts
(Sideshow Toy, Sideshow Related Companies, & Hot Toy items get a 8% Discount off retail price per contracts)
Save 10% OFF instantly on everything else in the shop at regular price.

This is an Instant discount not accrued! Just be sure to empty out your file at least once a month to continue to receive the discount. At any point you can adjust your file’s content with us if a new series comes out or you want to try something else by simply stopping by or calling and updating your file instantly. You save across the board throughout the shop with this service. Why pay more elsewhere?